Ascend P.T.

Manual, Orthopedic, and Sports Physical Therapy

One on One 45 minute individualized treatments

4935 N 30th St - Suite 100

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


We are physical therapists who believe every patient has the capacity to improve. Whether you are dealing with an acute injury or looking to address mechanics from a chronic issue; striving for better athletic performance or more efficiency with daily tasks- we look at the big picture.  We use manual therapy techniques to free up joints and soft tissues, facilitate muscles to activate in strong, healthy patterns, and retrain functional movements to get you strong. For us, physical therapy is not just a job, it is a career in which we invest our time, energy, and emotion, to help people heal and return to life.


Each 45 minute session is one-on-one with your therapist. By scheduling this way, we can thoroughly assess, follow-up, and keep you on track with your plan of care. This individual attention promotes a team approach between the therapist and the patient. 


Colorado is a direct access state, which means you can see a physical therapist without a script from your doctor. Whether you have been suffering from chronic or acute issues, or maybe you have tried therapy in the past and were not successful, you are invited to try Ascend Physical Therapy and feel the difference.